Your website uses the WordPress CMS – for an introduction to general WordPress functions go to:

  • Videos: Dashboard, Manual, Videos (for video walk throughs)
  • PDF: Dashboard, Manual, User Manual (for a PDF guide)

To update the main areas of content on your website:

  • Pages: add/edit your web pages using Dashboard, Pages
  • Menus: add new items and reorder using Dashboard, Appearance, Menus
  • Slides: add/edit the Slider images at the top of your website using Dashboard, Slides

To review use of your website:

Knowledge Base Articles

The OM4 Service Desk Knowledge Base has many articles describing how to carry out specific tasks.

View Knowledge Base


WooThemes have a number of shortcodes to support features such as buttons, tabs and toggles.

View WooThemes Shortcodes

Image Sizes

For the following types of images, prepare them to the required sizes before uploading to your website:

  • Sidebar Images: 287px wide
  • Slider Images: 898px by 281px high
  • Gallery Images: 800px on the longest side


  • H4 Example

  • H2 Example

  • H3 Example

  • H4 Example

Image Resizing Tool: Ribbet